There’s one thing you need to increase basket size. Here it is.

The Cover Genius team
The Cover Genius team

In the increasingly competitive online retail market, basket size is a key metric to drive ancillary revenue and customer satisfaction. How can you increase basket size with a single, seamless solution? Cover Genius partners with some of the world’s largest ecommerce companies, such as eBay, to integrate warranties and insurance within the purchase path to achieve this.

78% of customers said they would have a greater propensity to spend more online if offered warranties and insurance at the checkout*, as it ensures a sense of security that their items are protected in the case something goes wrong, especially with more expensive goods. By integrating it into the purchase path at the optimal point, you can maximize your basket size and in turn drive satisfaction by providing peace of mind to your customers. 

Additionally, offering warranty and insurance can help your customers feel safer by overcoming any threats of damage and theft to their purchases. As customers feel more protected from such incidents, approximately 66% of consumers say that having the option to get insurance at the checkout would entice them to spend more, and even buy a higher volume of goods*. This leads to an increased basket size, and overall higher average order value. 

By partnering with Cover Genius, we work with you to provide this integration within your purchase path, so you can grow your basket size, increase ancillary revenue and drive customer satisfaction.

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