Genius is Individual. At Cover Genius, we dig deep to uncover individual brilliance. We seek potential where others haven’t looked and together, we own what we create.

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Unearth Your Genius

Simplifying the complex is not easy. So we don’t expect you to join with all the answers but we’re looking for people to help make it happen.

We aim to advance insurance as we know it. And we believe that we don’t stand a chance if we don’t take risks.

We want to build a team of humans who are bold enough to take chances and to challenge and inspire each other every day.

Our Values

We Make It Our Own

We’re proud of who we are and what we do. We bring our own way of doing things and we make it happen.

We Make It Better

We bring new ideas, think differently and challenge the norm. We look for areas to improve and we own the changes that we desire

We Succeed Together

We’re better when we work together. When we need help we always say "yes". And when we pull it off, we celebrate together.

We Create Magic

We make hard things simple and old things novel. We're making world firsts in one of the oldest industries.


We believe in measured risk-taking, the biggest of which is to upend how insurance is sold and instead put customers in the middle. We share their DNA. We bring our own brand of Genius and together we uncover potential where others haven’t looked.

We are


Our goals are stretchy. We protect millions already but have grander plans.


Authenticity enables us to act with integrity and bring passion to the table.


Bound together by a common goal, we build on our vision to drive change.


We are redefining ‘the way it’s always been done’ — that takes inspiration.

We aren't


Fortune favours the brave. Discovery and learning starts by taking action.


We look at the status quo with a fresh lens, always.


We aren’t content with ‘what is’ but seek to define ‘what will be’.


It's never perfect but it's not chaos. We don't do committees, but we'll truly hear your voice.


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