We’ve demystified insurance policies so you don’t need a PhD to read them

Darcy Shapiro
Darcy Shapiro

Head of Insurance, the Americas

Most traditional insurance policies are usually a confusing mess of jargon, explaining unnecessary inclusions that customers don’t need, and exclusions that won’t help them when they’re in trouble. These traditional insurers have been slow to adjust to the changing needs of the customer – which is why Cover Genius has simplified these policies so that the end customer can now fully understand what they are and aren’t entitled to.

With a leading industry NPS of 65+, the customer is truly the heart of everything we do. One aspect that has afforded us such a high customer satisfaction score is carefully crafting easy to understand insurance policies, that ensure the customer knows everything they are entitled to as well the exclusions. As our insurance policies are tailored to fit the needs of each individual customer, it would only make sense that each policy’s wording is also tailored to support the customer’s purchases.

To aid the customer when it comes to making a claim, we offer a simple and speedy digital claims process (via XClaim), prioritizing their needs for ease, convenience and understanding when a sticky situation arises.

This customer-centric mindset is not just applied to our policies, but to our product development philosophies. When we work with our partners, they can be certain that we will not only maintain, but improve upon the already outstanding customer experience built into the partner’s platforms.