We make it simple for pet owners to buy personalized pet insurance directly from their favorite stores.

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Happier Pet Owners, Higher Revenue

Most pet owners would agree that pets are like family - and keeping them safe and protected is a top priority. But with only 1% of all pets currently insured in the US, the vast majority of pet owners are missing out on the peace of mind that their pet is protected should things go wrong.

With our XCover global insurance distribution platform, pet owners can purchase pet insurance directly from their favorite retailers and pet companies, with protection for all types of situations - including illness, accidents, dental, and travel.

What’s more, the XCover API dynamically bundles products to increase relevance while optimizing for the highest possible conversion. Which means more satisfied customers and more revenue.

Smarter Insurance That’s Better For Business

Personalized Insurance

Your customers want insurance that’s the right fit for them and their pets. The XCover platform uses data to serve highly-relevant insurance products that align with each customer’s purchase behavior and lifestyle. The result is a tailored insurance experience that makes customers happier.

Higher Revenue

Adding an insurance offering lets you boost ancillary revenue with products that have genuine utility for your customers. Meanwhile, features such as auto-renewals and payments as store credits let you drive CLTV and turn insurance into a profit center. Plus, customers that feel protected are more likely to spend a higher amount with your business.

Fewer Restrictions

Our insurance products give your customers what they actually want, without the limitations imposed by traditional insurers. We let you offer insurance that doesn’t apply age limits, provides coverage for pre-existing conditions, and lets customers protect exotic birds and other animals - not just cats and dogs.

Frictionless Experiences

Our customer-centric approach means a better user experience at every stage. Our products feature straightforward wording that doesn’t require a doctorate to understand, while our speedy claims processes and instant payments make for a seamless insurance experience. And with an industry-leading NPS of +65, we’re making a lot of people happy.

Delivering Peace of Mind to Pet Owners

99% of US pets are uninsured

Across the world, the majority of pet owners do not currently have insurance in place for their furry or feathered friends. However, the demand for pet insurance is on the rise, with double-digit growth year-on-year. Clearly, pet owners want protection - but up until now, they’ve been unable to find or purchase it from their preferred pet stores.

By making it simple for you to offer your customers pet insurance that fits their needs, you’ll provide them with the peace of mind they seek, while increasing your competitive advantage, improving customer engagement, and boosting your ancillary revenue.

Better Protection for Pets

Whether it’s a designer dog, an elderly cat, or an exotic Amazonian parrot, every pet will have different needs when it comes to insurance. By offering a wide range of insurance products that offer protection for every scenario, you can give your customers peace of mind for whatever lies ahead.

Our complete coverage includes reimbursements for exam fees, diagnostics, and treatments for:

  • -Accidents
  • -Illnesses
  • -Dental diseases
  • -Prescription drugs
  • -Chronic conditions
  • -Hereditary conditions
  • -Dental diseases
  • -Behavioral issues

Global Capabilities

With insurance licenses in over 60 countries and 50 US states, we make international operations and cross-border expansion simple. Plus, with content in more than 40 languages and instant claims payments in 90+ currencies, you can enjoy global capabilities from a single API call.

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